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Grant Applications

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS) allocates a sum of money each year to activities and organisations that achieve the YAS’s objectives. Following our latest review the three relevant charitable objectives were agreed as follows:

1.  To support and promote agriculture, rural and allied industries throughout the North of  England including championing the role of farmers as providers of high quality produce and encouraging consumers to choose healthy and local produce;
2. To advance and encourage agricultural research and greater understanding and empathy with farming and the countryside amongst the general public and particularly children;
3.  To advance and encourage the protection and sustainability of the environment.

The application process

The YAS has established a Charitable Activities Committee that meets three times a year to oversee its agreed activities and allocate funds. The Committee receives two types of application: from individuals and from organisations. Some guidelines on the criteria used for making allocations in both categories are given below.

If you wish to submit an application for a grant, please read these guidelines carefully, download and complete the relevant Application Form:

If in doubt, please telephone Jayne Dyer (the Chief Executive’s PA) on 01423 546 201 to discuss your application.

Once the Application Form has been completed, it should be sent to Nigel Pulling, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Agricultural Society, Regional Agricultural Centre, Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate HG2 8NZ or emailed to Jayne Dyer.

We will acknowledge your application by email once it is received.

Deadlines for the submissions to reach the Chief Executive before the Committee’s three meetings are:

Meeting Deadline
May 30th April
November 31st October
January 31st December

The funding available is modest and our average grant is less than £1,000. You should expect to receive a decision within 3 weeks of the meeting.

When you have been advised that your application has been approved, you will be asked to make two commitments:

  1. To complete an End of Grant Monitoring Form (which forms part of the application form). Your report will enable us to learn more about the impact and benefit of our grants and helps us to improve our grant-making.
  2. To allow the YAS to share details of the work on the YAS website, social media and promotional material. If you have any photographs, leaflets or press cuttings, please email them to Jayne Dyer 

The criteria and guidelines we use for allocating grants

Applicants for all of our grants must show how the grant will help us to achieve our objectives (shown in the box above). For each category there are other criteria:

a)   For individuals

We favour applications from those who have not had funding from us in the past.

We do look to support individuals who can demonstrate a track record of helping the industry.

Since our aim is to support and promote agriculture we encourage applications from individuals that help their career in agriculture. This could mean an involvement in short term training or attendance at a major UK conference.

Individuals should provide a substantial amount of the funding required.

We would not usually consider applications from individuals in employment where their employer is able to finance any education or training activity.

Applicants should live or have strong connections in Yorkshire and should be prepared to support the Society’s work in the future.

Download an application form here.

b)    For organisations

The organisation must have operations or a base in Yorkshire.

Smaller organisations are preferred, as the YAS contribution can make more difference to them than to larger bodies.

The organisation should demonstrate significant fundraising from other sources.

Applications will be favoured where it can be shown that the outcomes are transferable (that is – they can be adapted easily by other similar organisations).

The organisation will be required to disseminate the results of the activity being funded to its community via a newsletter, social media or similar.  We encourage all the groups that we support to publicise their grant and the project it has funded. We also request that you use our logos to demonstrate our support. 

National organisations will only be considered for funding if they can show how the Yorkshire agricultural sector will benefit.

Download an application form here.

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