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As rain keeps on falling, the challenges of Autumn 2019 keep testing us further and it is all too easy for frustration and negative thoughts to creep into minds of farmers and people working within the wider industry.

Around 40 % of the membership of Future Farmers is made up of those working alongside farmers, such as agronomists, vets, land agents and bank managers. As trusted professionals they are in a privileged position to listen to, and support, their clients through tricky times. Many farmer clients do not want to talk to their own families, for fear of worrying them, and find it easier to talk to someone outside the business.

Future Farmers Board member, Rob Daniel shares the challenges of a wet autumn as an agronomist in the Vale of York, where technical advice has been put to the back of his mind and the focus now being towards positive attitude and farmer and client well-being.

Similarly, Future Farmer vet Leanne Forde will share the pastoral side of her role, dealing with farmers as well as their stock. Many farmers are opening up more and its becoming a prominent part of her role. The vet’s role can involve harrowing situations of stock mortality and disease and she will be encouraging farmers to talk about things and not bottle them up.

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Be compassionate, be open, be #Fit2Farm

4th November 2019

Looking After Staff and Clients Blog

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