Free online event – Managing liver fluke in Hill Sheep

Join us for ‘Managing liver fluke in Hill Sheep – a farmer led approach’, a free online event taking place on Wednesday 26th May.

Running from 12noon to 1pm, this focused webinar presents the findings from a three-year project in which Cumbrian and Yorkshire Dales farmers worked with disease experts on a joint approach to tackle liver fluke disease.

Working closely together, uplands farmers and disease experts have used a collaborative approach to design, implement and understand disease control programmes in a more meaningful and efficient way.

This is your chance to join us as we share the positive results from this project with a specific focus on Liver fluke disease and discover how these learnings could help your farm.

To register for this free online event, please visit:

The Hill Sheep Health North project is funded by the European Agricultural Fund or Rural Development: Investing in Rural Areas.

The project team would like to thank the following partners for all they have contributed to the project:

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