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Do you need some inspiration and ideas to help you plan your lessons? Take a look at our list of recommended organisations who supply brilliant resources all related to Farming, Food and the Countryside. From videos, lessons plans and physical resources to competitions and farm visits they are sure to help you create exciting learning opportunities for your class.

Farmer Time

Farmer Time

Free fortnightly video calls between farmers and classrooms. This initiative allows you to use current technology in your classroom to bring the curriculum to life. Communicating regularly with a real-life example of a UK working farm and farmer, you will be able to not only offer your students the opportunity to find out where their food comes from but also promote understanding of a wide range of curriculum subjects.

countryside classroom

Countryside Classroom

A free online portal connecting schools with food, farming and the environment, pulling together high-quality resources to use in classrooms, places to visit with a class and people to ask for expert advice, including:


LEAF Education

Working across the education, farming and food sectors to inspire, engage and mobilise farmers and teachers about the value of farming in a learning context. LEAF Education delivers practical training, resources and activities that help deliver curriculum-linked learning through food and farming experiences, both in and out of the classroom, including:


NFU Education

Resources and initiatives designed to save teachers time and reduce workload, spark learners’ passion and enthusiasm for STEM subjects, and convey important messages about food, farming and nutrition through a cross-curricular, project-based approach, including:


Food a Fact of Life

Free resources for teaching young people aged 3-16 years about where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating, including:

Educating young people to respect the countryside code with the CLA and LEAF education

Countryside Code

To help educate young people to respect, protect and enjoy the British countryside, the CLA has partnered with LEAF Education to offer a variety of resources to teachers and youth group leaders, allowing them to work with children and young adults to understand that safe and responsible behaviour in the countryside is fundamental to enjoyment of it.

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