Women In Farming

The Women In Farming Network was created following requests from women living and working on farms and related industries.

Since forming in 2013, the Network has grown from strength to strength, providing opportunities for women to learn from each other, build contacts and offer support to their fellow members.

Many of the issues affecting women in farming/rural life, and business are shared by others. The Network has the spirit of collaboration at its heart, encouraging positive outcomes.

Every year, we get together for an Autumn Gathering. This short film offers a flavour of our 2023 event.

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Talking Heads Series

Unique perspectives from across Yorkshire are shared in a series of short video clips by the Women In Farming Network.

These clips offer inspiration and support to members throughout the year, and are shared first on the Yorkshire Women In Farming Facebook group.

All episodes are available here.

What we do

The group supports women in farming in a variety of ways:

  • An opportunity to build contacts and lasting friendships.
  • Identify relevant inspirational speakers to bring positivity and ingenuity to our Annual Gathering.
  • Meet four to five times a year with a range of breakfast, lunch and evening meetings, timed and loaded with content to appeal particularly to women.
  • Constantly adapting and moving forward by supporting valuable training and information to progress and diversify in the industry.
  • Keeps members connected day to day via a private Facebook community.

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The network is free to join and all are welcome

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