Brexit – Imports and Exports – Impact of Tariff Quotas

What does Brexit mean for tariff and tariff quotas in a soft or hard Brexit deal?

In February, we were joined by Economic Law expert, Professor Fiona Smith, University of Leeds, who spoke to the Network about the impact on tariff and tariff quotas in a ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ Brexit deal.

Fiona was a member of the YAS Brexit Working Party which was chaired since 2016 by fellow FSN member and Common Agricultural Policy expert, Professor Wyn Grant, University of Warwick,

As the government begins to focus its future Agricultural bill on ‘public money for public goods’, the new policy to address the legacy for pillar 2 funding, Prof Smith, highlighted the concerns of tariffs and tariff quotas and what it will mean to farmers exporting to Europe/worldwide alongside the potential invasion of imports.

You can download the full presentation here

You can keep up-to date with the new Agricultural Bill and announcements from Defra on import and export documentation on the Defra website.

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