What to look for when conducting a post mortem for liver fluke disease

What to look for when conducting a post mortem for Liver fluke disease

Yorkshire farmers had an insightful evening in February with Bainbridge Vets, Leyburn, learning about key signs for Liver fluke disease when conducting a post mortem on their hill sheep.

The post mortems are part of a learning programme being delivered under the Farmer Scientist Network’s ‘Hill Sheep Health North’ project. Farmers were keen to learn about what the disease looked like when conducting post mortems on their own farms, in response, the workshop was set up by a local vet to offer a step-by-step guide.

The aim of the project is to involve livestock farmers in the analysis of animal disease and the design, implementation and evaluation of disease control.

Yorkshire and Cumbria farmers are taking part in this project and using an innovative phone app to log their flock treatment plans, taking part in regular testing and working together to understand Liver fluke disease and to tackle it together.

You can find the resources to the post mortem here

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