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Alastair Trickett

In this blog post, Alastair Trickett, Chair of Future Farmers, explains why now is the perfect time to join the network’s leadership team.

We’re proud of what we do at Future Farmers.

Yorkshire has one of the most diverse agri-food and drink sectors in the country, generating roughly £2.5bn in revenue and employing 23,000 people.

Future Farmers sits at the heart of this industry and achieves national recognition for engaging with its 1,000 plus members who collectively make Yorkshire’s farming and rural industries the envy of the country.

But we can’t do it without support of a leadership team who give up their time voluntarily.

We have vacancies we’re looking to fill at this critical inflexion point for our industry.

Responding to change

It is well known that farming is being buffeted by some strong winds of change.

We find ourselves faced with subsidies being withdrawn at the same time as margins are squeezed and weather patterns become more volatile.

As a farmer it can feel a bit like our insurance policy (in the form of subsidy payments) is being ripped up at a time when we’re exposed to more and more risks to production and profit.

At home, we’re trying to make changes to improve our financial resilience.

That means working with partners to share overheads, broadening the arable rotation with livestock to improve soil health, and fixed price-contracts.

But making changes takes time, costs money and involves risk as you depart from what you know.

With you every step of the way

Future Farmers has positioned itself to support farmers along every part of the change process.

Firstly, we run events hearing from experts about the changes coming down the line, so you can assess where the opportunities and challenges are for you.

We also pay for our members to get off their farms and attend conferences around the country to improve their industry knowledge.

Secondly, Future Farmers runs Know Your Business courses where you dive into the financial detail of your farm.

Knowing where you are now is the first step to making a change.

And thirdly, we offer mentoring opportunities to match farmers together who have already made the changes you’re looking to implement, whether that’s installing new pig buildings, adopting regenerative practices, or restructuring your business ready for succession.

Which brings me back to inviting you to apply for the opportunity to join our leadership team.

Fresh, diverse thinking

As well as welcoming applications from our core membership base, we would welcome interest from first-generation farmers and people with non-traditional backgrounds.

This is because I believe as an industry we would benefit from more cognitive diversity, which is fancy speak for recruiting people with different experiences and backgrounds who can bring new perspectives to solve old problems.

If we are to continue to grow as an industry, to meet the challenges of the future, to stay current and relevant to the next generation, to improve the ecological capital of our region whilst feeding more people, we must embrace change.

We must open our minds and look far and wide for inspiration, guidance and skills.

We look forward to hearing from you.

To express your interest in joining the leadership team, simply drop us a line on email at

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