A message from our chairman

This is an update for members of the Future Farmers of Yorkshire from the group’s chairman, Alastair Trickett, pictured.


I will skip the platitudes about “uncertain times” and “the new normal” as I’m sure you already have enough of them in your inbox. Instead I’ll explain what’s been happening at Future Farmers and what will happen in the coming months.

You may have noticed that we haven’t been sending hundreds of emails offering advice and information. That was a conscious decision to give our members space to hear from those organisations they needed support from most.

Equally, it won’t come as a surprise that our entire program of debates, socials, workshops, farm walks and industry visits has been put on hold. We are unsure when we will be able to resume these again. However, we have decided not to move our program online through webinars, because ‘death by webinar’ is becoming a serious health risk. Rest assured that when the gates re-open we will be ready to run through them.

In the meantime please do let us know if there is anything specific that you think we can help you or other members with – our role is to support you.  We have been considering moving our farm walks to virtual farm walks by handing over the keys to our Twitter account to different members for a couple of days at a time. If you think this is a good idea, or would like to do this yourself then please let us know.

Last week was mental health week, a topic that we know is close to many of our members as demonstrated through the success of our #Fit2Farm campaign last year. Our virtual farm tours would be designed to demonstrate what we can learn from each other, but also to show that none of us are alone in having struggles in our lives and farms, especially as we all pray for rain, and especially amidst the constraints put on us by the virus.

I will wrap up by re-stating that we have not gone anywhere, we’re still here but just giving you the space you need to be dealing with busy lives turned upside down. As we come to terms with our new patterns of living we are asking for suggestions of what support we can offer. What would be helpful, exciting, and inspiring to help us face the new world as was always our intention, as Future Farmers.

Best wishes,

Alastair Trickett
Future Farmers of Yorkshire

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