Have your say on how to improve nitrogen use efficiently

Our friends at the University of Leeds have asked us to support them in promoting their new project.

Can you help?

Currently, many of the efforts to reduce nitrogen pollution focus on a single influence, such as air or water quality, or a single activity, such as slurry storage or fertilizer application. This project, delivered by the University of Leeds as part of iCASP, will look at developing more joined up approaches, based on the experience and expertise of farmers, to guide the development of appropriate scientific tools and policy to reduce environmental impacts.

This questionnaire is aimed at beginning this conversation with the farming community in Yorkshire so that the barriers to, and opportunities for, more efficient nitrogen use and financially viable farm practices to protect the environment are better understood. Responses are needed no later than the 22nd February 2019.

iCASP are also hosting an informal free workshop to be held on 1st March 2019 at King’s Manor in York, to which farmers who respond to this questionnaire are encouraged to attend, a buffet is included and travel support and parking will be available (please book early to avoid disappointment). The workshop includes CPD points from BASIS and NRoSO.

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