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An award-winning farm in South Yorkshire is hosting a farm walk in conjunction with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society.

The Tye Trophy Farm Walk will be held at Peacock Lodge Farm, Wentworth, Rotherham S62 7UN on Tuesday 7th June 2022.

Chris and Nicki Pearson have very kindly organised the walk and as part of this have booked a guided house tour at Wentworth Woodhouse.

The walk on their farm will be followed by a buffet meal at the George and Dragon.

About the host

Peacock Lodge is a 400-acre mixed farm, growing wheat barley, OSR and grass on heavy open cast land on the Fitzwilliam Estate Wentworth and is a 2018 Tye Trophy winner.

These annual Yorkshire Agricultural Society awards highlight some of the best farms in the North of England and recognise the contribution of farmers to conservation and environmental improvement.

Nikki and Chris (pictured above receiving his Tye Trophy award at the 2018 Great Yorkshire Show from then YAS President Bill Cowling) have around 400 beef cattle, bought in as calves, making the most use of grass silage and grazing through to finish for Waitrose.

By increasing the use of clover and boosting soil organic matter and tree and hedge planting, the farm will be carbon neutral in two years and with the inclusion of cattle in the rotation and manure from a small herd of high health pigs they have reduced their average bagged nitrogen usage to under 100kgN/ha over the farm while maintaining yields.

The whole farm is in higher tier stewardship to make the most of marginal land by focusing on water quality and habitat creation particularly for birds and they currently have identified 108 different species of bird that have been on the farm with independent bird surveys carried out twice a year.

Meet the farmers

Chris and Nicki will also talk about what the agricultural transition plan means for their farm and the limitations of being a tenant farmer in the current climate.

The walk will be around the picturesque lakes which run through the middle of the farm and the emphasis will be on how they are trying to remain viable by producing a more sustainable high quality food product, whilst allowing nature to thrive.


4.15 pm: Guided Tour of Wentworth Woodhouse – meet in the car park (postcode S62 7TQ) What three words app ‘threaded.resettle.much’ – Cost £15 (£7.50 for National Trust members) and £13.50 if we manage to get 10 or more.

5.45pm: Meet back in the car park

6.00pm: Farm Walk (app ‘subject.finders.spectacle’) if you are late

8.00pm: George and Dragon, Main Street, Wentworth S62 7TN (supper provided by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society)

How to book

You are welcome to attend part or all of the visit but places are limited.

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