Open Farm Sunday – Calling All Farmers!

Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic opportunity to show people what real farming is all about and why supporting British farming matters.

Are you thinking of opening your farm?

Maybe you want to volunteer your expertise?

Perhaps you want to visit one already running in your area?

This year, Leaf’s Open Farm Sunday will be taking place on the 9th of June for Britain’s annual farm open day.

Leaf offers exceptional support if you are thinking of opening your farm to the public. From signage boards to ideas and inspiration to help showcase the amazing work farmers undertake every day. It’s an event all farmers can get involved with no matter what your level of experience.

Throughout June Leaf also run the initiative of Open Farm Schools Days. These provide an educational and exciting day out for school children taken onto real working farms. Learning about where their food comes from and farmers vital role in conserving the environment. More and more farmers are needed to open their farms. Help to spread the important message of why farming is so important and to increase children’s understanding.

If you’re unsure of opening your own farm, why not get in touch with us here at The Yorkshire Agricultural Society. We run a number of events aimed at educating school children and we are always looking for volunteers with knowledge and understanding of farming. Take a look at our school section to find out more about our upcoming event Countryside Days.


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