Wellbeing in agriculture

As rain keeps on falling, the challenges of Autumn 2019 keep testing us further and it is all too easy for frustration and negative thoughts to creep into minds of farmers and people working within the wider industry.

My role as an Agrii Agronomist within the Vale of York does always vary somewhat, however this autumn a lot of arable technical advice has been put to the back of my mind with the focus now being towards positive attitude and farmer and client well-being.

Whether it is flea beetle causing the problems or the fact many farms are now onto Plan C, D or possibly even Z with regard to rotation and cropping you can certainly rest assured you are not alone. From flea beetle-eaten rape to flooded fields and water-logged root crops that need to be harvested, there are challenges for us all so just pick up the phone and talk.

Later drilling and spring cropping will help to hugely reduce resistant grassweed numbers and decrease disease and BYDV pressure.

This weather pattern certainly isn’t what any of us would have chosen but there will be many positive elements to come from it.

The weather will come right for us one day whether that is later in the year or next spring, we will get through it and there will be a harvest in 2020!!

Written by Rob Daniel

Twitter:  @agriiUK
Instagram: @agrii_uk

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